7 things to be aware of in Kabak Bay

1. Drinking Water

Kabak Bay is far from any town or grocery store. Because the businesses there have you all to themselves so-to-speak, bottled water prices can be a bit high. There are a couple of corner stores at the top of the hill which sell one and a half liter water bottles for two Turkish Lira; some pensions can charge as much as three Turkish Lira. The selection is also limited. Bring as much of your own water as you can, especially if you are coming with your own car.

2. Boat Tours

There are many boat tours leaving from Kabak Beach throughout the day. Most of them are half-day tours ranging in price from 25 Turkish Lira to 40 Turkish Lira. This does not include food. Before you get into the boat be very clear about the price, the places that will be included on the tour, and the length of time. Confirm again with the captain of the boat as you leave the Bay. The captains will sometimes attempt to do more than one tour at once by dropping one batch at a beach and leaving and returning with another. Do not let them rush through the stops, and push the time of the tour back.

3. The Road

The road continuing from the Last Stop Cafe down the beach is very steep and made of loose dirt and gravel. It is not very suitable for normal vehicles. If your pension says you can continue to their private parking area, take caution and drive in a low gear. Alternatively, park at the top of the hill and take the outback vehicle down the slope.

4. The Beach

Kabak Bay is unfortunately sometimes affected by pollution due to its growing popularity. Whether from the small boats which move in and out taking tours or a certain current, the first few meters from the shore out to sea are often filmy and have some debris. It is better to swim further out from this area where the water is cleaner. The other bays which can be reached by boat tour have maintained their cleanliness.

5. Beachway

The path to the beach is not paved and is a mountainside hiking trail. It would be wise to use good sneakers, or something that covers the foot completely when going down to the shore from the mountain slope accommodation areas. This is mainly to avoid injury and to make the way easier. If walking is difficult, take the outback vehicle or stay at the bottom of the valley. Make sure you confirm with your pension or camping area how far the area is from the beach so you can be prepared.

5. Mealtimes

Most of the pensions include breakfast and dinner in the price of their accomodation. This is great because Kabak Bay is far from stores and restaurants. However, the gap between meal times can often be very long, sometimes from 10 am to 8:30 pm. Plan accordingly for snacks and lunchtime meals. Gozleme (a Turkish style crepe with savory fillings) is fairly cheap and can be had at the top of the mountain near the Last Stop Cafe and also at the bottom of the valley. It is a little oily, but quick and easy when you are hungry.

6. Cash

Some of the pensions and stores only accept cash. Check with your pension ahead of time, and bring enough extra for snacks, boat tours and lunchtime meals and water.

7. Wildlife

Kabak Bay is still mostly undeveloped land in a forested area. Some of the bungalows are also somewhat open to the natural elements with gaps in the roof and open windows. The wildlife is harmless, but those with a fear of such creatures should prepare themselves. The most commonly seen creatures are lizards, some the size of the forearm. There are also snakes and other such animals. Most of the bungalows have bug nets, but it is also wise to bring bug spray and an after-bite cream.

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