• The Blue Cave beckons to swimmers

In Kabak Bay, The beach waits quiet in the morning, the valley still in the shadow of the surrounding mountains. By late morning, swimmers crawl through the shallow waves or sunbathe on the stone beach. At lunch the aromas of Turkish cooking, olive oil frying tomato and onion for hot dishes or gozleme sizzling on the griddle call to the people lounging on the beach. Fishing boats pass in and out of the bay picking up and dropping off tourists to see other more hidden destinations.


Do you prefer camping or air conditioning? Learn where to stay in Kabak Bay.

What to do?

At the sea or in the forest, there are many activities to enjoy at Kabak Bay.

How to get there?

Kabak Bay is worth the winding drive whether by private or public transport.

Weather at Kabak Bay

June, July, August and September are the hottest and traditional beach-bathing months at Kabak Bay.