How to get there?

Kabak Bay is worth the winding drive whether by private or public transport.

For public transport:

Upon reaching Oludeniz village, travelers can take a taxi to Kabak Koyu. Alternatively, there are minibuses leaving regularly for Kabak Koyu from the main minibus stand. This is a cheaper alternative.

With a private vehicle:

From Oludeniz village, follow the coastal road going east up the mountains but keeping to the sea. This is Faralya-Kabak Yolu. There are many hairpin turns and sheer drops from the road, but also stunning vistas of the Mediterranean below. Continue to follow this road until it ends at the Last Stop Cafe. Here you can park the car for a fee. After parking, you can hike down the slope to your accommodation or take the outback vehicle which goes down to the beach.

Some of the pensions say that cars can continue to their own private parking area. Be aware that this road is loose dirt and rock going down at a steep gradient. Two-wheel drive vehicles can make it, but the driver should go very slowly keeping to the same pace and gear. At one point there is a very sharp hair pin turn, where the road turns back on itself or continues straight forward. The best way around this turn is to continue straight forward where there is a turn-around point.

Map of Kabak Valley

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