Do you prefer camping or air conditioning? Learn where to stay in Kabak Bay.

The variety and number of people discovering Kabak Bay increases every year. There are students looking for a cheap holiday, families from different countries, health-conscious people attracted by advertisements of yoga and organic food, nature-lovers, hikers of the Lycian Way which passes through the area, and city-dwellers looking to unwind from their daily hectic life. Because of this menagerie, the accommodation also varies. One can find many campgrounds, but the most popular type is the tree bungalow. The bungalow prices differ according to the addition of airconditioning or private bathrooms. It depends on how natural an experience you are looking for.

The accommodation around Kabak Bay can be divided in to two main areas: the mountain slopes and the valley floor.

Accommodation on the mountainside has many benefits. Here travelers can take refuge from the heat in the breezes rising up the slope. From this vantage point, they can enjoy a view of the whole valley and the bay all the way out to the sea during the day and by night an impressive skyscape of the stars in relief against the mountains. The shade also lasts longer in the majority of these places meaning a cooler night when staying in accommodation without air conditioning. These areas tend to be quieter and more secluded as well since they reside in their own part of the hillside among the trees.
There are, however, some drawbacks to staying up on the mountain. The beach may be a short hike away. The journey down is fairly easy, but back up can be tiring in the full heat and sun of the day. For many this means only one daily trip to the beach a day and eating lunch at one of the pension restaurants or gozleme cafes near the shore.

The valley accommodation is also very popular for one main reason. Access to the beach is easy and one can go back and forth whenever the mood strikes without thinking about the time of day and if they can make it back for dinner on time. There are also small shops and more food selections to choose from in the immediate beach area. For those looking to be more social and among the people, this is also the place to be as everything is close together in the limited area.

Some issues may arise near the coast for some vacationers. Firstly, as Kabak Bay tends to be a place for those looking to escape the crowd and relax in peace and quiet, the various campgrounds and bungalows may not be the right choice. The places snuggle side by side, meaning more ambient noise and electric light. There is also an outback vehicle bringing people and supplies up and down the hill which can sometimes mean traffic noise as well. The bay view is also more impressive from higher vantage points.

The choice really depends on the type of holiday you are searching for. It is best to check the websites of a variety of places to be sure to find one that suits your needs. Many of the areas have their own websites that list prices and activities that they might offer. However, it is useful to call and ask about their exact location. This way there are no surprises.

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